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About Pixia

With a distinct style that has been described as ‘compellingly intriguing’ and with the ability to leave you ‘starstruck’, London-based singer-songwriter Pixia is defined by her hypnotic vocals and poetic lyric writing. 

Since the release of her dark alt-pop EP 'Morphia', Pixia's ever-broadening discography has amassed over 600,000 Spotify streams and 20,000+ Instagram followers. Her work has received support and critical acclaim from BBC Introducing, Great British Radio and A+R Factory.  

Inspired by 80s electro-pop and dark wave, Pixia has been singing and writing lyrics since childhood. She grew up performing on local and national stages, both for musical theatre productions and UK talent competitions, before discovering her own sense of artistry. 

Pixia’s ideas begin as a home-written and recorded demo, before developing into the sweetly alluring, yet vibrantly cinematic soundscapes that so captivate her audience. 

Pixia continues to perform live at intimate London venues alongside studying songwriting at music school. 

Find Pixia on Instagram -@pixiamusic and @rxseperfume.

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Pixia live at Loveshack, London 
'Alt Women Paradise' - October 2023

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Industry Reviews

Respected Insights

A&R Factory

"She has a world-class ability that is unconditionally spellbinding and is one of the most alluringly classy singer-songwriters around."

The Wild Is Calling

 'Pixia has star power.  It’s a byproduct of a life on stage and her experience under the spotlight... Pixia is ready to bring something fresh and different to the modern movement of 80s derived pop.'

Rising Artists

“...Pink Sugar” is perfect for both the dance floor and late-night car drives. The type of song that you find yourself grooving along and mouthing the words to when the chorus hits – THAT type of song. It stays stuck in your head for hours."

It's All Indie

With well over 500,000 listens on Spotify alone, it is obvious that her followers keep coming back for her really magnificent vocals. With its gentle piano beginning and honest emotion, "Habits" is a charming track right off the bat.

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