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Morphia EP


If I'm On Your Mind


She Glows


Pink Sugar


Gold Of Mine


Prince Paradox

March 2022

Prince Paradox is a single reverting back to her 'Morphia' roots. With a mellow yet shimmering aura and enigmatic lyrics, the track creates a beautiful sense of intrigue. 

Pixia: 'I wrote this track after being inspired by the phrase ‘prince paradox’ in one of my favorite novels, ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’. The song retains a soft, fairytale, and dreamlike aura, whilst also telling a story through the lyrics.'

January 2022

Written and performed by Pixia, Gold Of Mine' is her most energetic and danceable track yet. Vibrant and uplifting, 'Gold of Mine' is a unique fusion of retro-inspired synth-pop and a more contemporary Top-40 style sound. The track still manages to deliver a poignant message as, through her ethereal vocals and lyrical metaphors, Pixia wonders about the true value of material goods.

November 2021

‘Pink Sugar’ is an ethereal electro-pop track, written and performed by Pixia. The track buzzes with a harmonious intrigue and sweetness, building gradually into a compelling, striking atmosphere.

Pixia: ‘I originally wrote ‘Pink Sugar’ at 16 years old on acoustic guitar. The finished product has been inspired by a variety of influences: from new wave bands such as Japan and The Cure, to contemporary female artists such as Halsey and Lana Del Rey. My range of influences inspired me to experiment with the sound of ‘Pink Sugar’ to create something pleasantly familiar, yet also very unique to my listeners.’ 

September 2021

‘She Glows’ is a bright electro-pop track, marking a slight diversion from the dark and moody tones of Pixia's previous releases to date. Uplifting instrumentals meet Pixia’s ethereal vocals, creating an enticing, energetic soundscape.

May 2021

Smouldering and romantic, Pixia takes on a slightly different sound in her latest single 'If I'm On Your Mind'. Dark, dreamy and filled with unresolved tension, the track transports its listener into Pixia’s cool-girl world, infused with red wine and romantic candlelight.

March 2021

Originally written in her Leeds apartment by moonlight, with Pixia's debut EP comes the beautiful sound of Morphia. Inspired by 80s dream pop and electronica, 'Morphia' and 'Psycho-delic' demonstrate the ethereal vocals and fresh songwriting talent that Pixia's listeners should come to expect from her work.