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AFX Radio

 “Boudoir Tears” is the kind of song that commands audiences to dance while also inviting listeners onto a deeper, more self-reflective path of Pixia’s psyche. For a song of such humble origins it almost demands to be a hit across the globe; its chorus could get stuck in one’s head for hours after listening.

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Plastic Magazine

'Racking up over half a million streams of her music, Pixia’s struck a chord with fans around the world as she continues to share her compelling musical vision.'

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Since 2021, rising UK artist Pixia has been establishing her distinctively charming and unique brand of alternative pop, boasting a sound and style that is packed full of creative appeal and a forward-thinking modern cutting edge.


A&R Factory

'She has a world-class ability that is unconditionally spellbinding and is one of the most alluringly classy singer-songwriters around. ‘Pink Sugar‘ from the scintillating Leeds/Manchester, UK-based indie electro/dark-pop singer-songwriter Pixia, is a quite brilliant single from an artist who seems to tingle your ears like no other artist around at the moment.'


Right Chord Music

'Fans of female singer-songwriter types like Tori Amos or P!nk will find familiar ground here. It’s a confident track for an early-stage artist, and shows promise.'


The Wild Is Calling

...The 80s vibe is undeniable but Pixia has an aura all her own...Pixia has the strength and poise of other female 80s icons like Madonna and Annie Lennox but her writing is more similar to the post punk inspired New Wave projects like the aforementioned Mode. Pixia has star power'


Mystic Sons

'Following a flurry of bright and enigmatic singles over the last year, Leeds-based artist Pixia is back to her glittering best as she drops the sensational new single 'Prince Paradox'.

Channeling a wonderfully fresh and euphoric alt-pop direction from start to finish, 'Prince Paradox' makes for a brilliantly uplifting listen. With her now shimmering voice riding a wave of sweet and sweeping production throughout, she is certainly onto something very special with this one.'

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